Welcome to the Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0

“[The lab] has made me realize that true system transformation really starts with individuals, that the ability to transform the economy or transform our healthcare system ultimately depends on the ability and willingness of the individuals within a system to transform themselves; to look at things differently; to act in accordance with their values.”
– Governor John Kitzhaber, State of Oregon, USA

“We are living in uncertain times, but one truth has emerged as an organizing principle for this era: interdependence. We are all in this together. New systems conditions require new leadership capacities — and this is a shift that revolves around an awakening of planetary consciousness. We believe that we cannot build a new economy without tapping into a deeper level of our humanity, of who we really are starting with our personal journey driving who we want to be as a society.”
– Marcelo Cardoso, Senior Vice President, Grupo Fleury, Brazil

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