Eight Emerging Prototypes

There are currently eight prototypes emerging from the Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0. Over the coming weeks, each will be profiled in detail on this blog. As a preview of things to come, here are the names, regions, and and a single-sentence snapshot of the current prototypes:

  1. Bambootan: Bike to Happiness (Cross-regional) – bringing together bamboo bikes, electric motors, and much more…
  2. A Flourishing South Africa – reawakening Ubuntu, revitalizing vision 2030, and a wellbeing lab for South Africa…
  3. Deepening Wellbeing at Eileen Fisher (North America) – creating a new paradigm of wellbeing at Eileen Fisher, with GNH as a spiritual reference point. This will be achieved through individual, organizational, and societal transformation.
  4. Towards an Ecosystem of Civic Learning (Europe) – contributing to a ”Civic Learning Ecosystem”, based on broader social and environmental values, such as those included in the GNH concept.
  5. Global Wellbeing Lab Network (Cross-regional) – developing, organizing, coordinating and communicating the work of the Global Wellbeing Lab network.
  6. WE 7 (Wellbeing Economies) (Cross-regional) – an alliance of the world’s leading well-being economies…
  7. Pura Vida 2.0 (Costa Rica)
  8. Name: TBD (Brazil)

Bambootan will be the first prototype profiled. Stay tuned and check back later this week!

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